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Our History

Founding Chair Ann Langley

“Our consumers are the most important part of our organisation. Their needs control what we do and what needs to be done in order for us to deliver the service they are entitled to. For our organisation to continue to be the best, our consumers’ needs must reign supreme. Always.”

Ann Langley, Founding Chair

In 1992 our founding Chairman, the late Ann Langley (1932 – 2012), helped form a support group for people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). One of the aims of the group was to assist with transporting each other to the Royal Brisbane Hospital and to physiotherapy at the MS Centre at Dutton Park.

The initial service was voluntary, with the passengers simply reimbursing the fuel cost to the driver. However, as the needs of the group grew, so too did their concerns about the risk of litigation if there was an accident. This led to the group making a submission for funding to create a formal transport service for people with disabilities to get to medical appointments.

LANDS logo

LANDS was originally incorporated in 1994 as Logan and Albert North Disability Services. Within a short time vehicles had been purchased, volunteer drivers found and community transport was up and running in Logan. Further to that, in 1995 an agreement was made with Queensland Ambulance Service to carry some of their clients too, which made the organisation the first Community Transport organisation to do non-urgent medical transport.

LANDS was officially rebranded to TransitCare Ltd in 2012 to better reflect the organisation’s service offering and future plans.

From our humble beginnings, a lot of hard work and the many people who gave selflessly of their time, the company has grown into Southeast Queensland’s leading Community Transport Service.

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