Our state of the art systems keep us moving forward

Our Technology

Driver and Community Flyer van

State of the art systems keep us moving forward.

TransitCare Ltd’s ICT Philosophy is that all systems used in our Mobility Centre should be able to communicate seamlessly and are therefore on an SQL platform.

All systems run offsite in the Cloud, utilising Citrix.

TransitCare Ltd utilises custom built software that helps coordinate the movement of clients in the Brisbane, Logan and Townsville regions.

Our Scheduling Software

Navigation technology

This software includes the capability to:

  • Easily store detailed information about clients and their service eligibility, drivers, vehicles, and all associated addresses
  • Take trip requests and perform on-line scheduling, negotiate, or save for further optimisation
  • Optimise trips using sophisticated scheduling software using GIS mapping software
  • Monitor the operating environment and make informed dispatching decisions
  • Add new service parameters and funding sources without adding new technology
  • Automatically calculate receivables using the Billing Engine capability
  • Generate manifests, invoices, and service reports with intuitive standard and ad-hoc reporting wizards

This enables us to provide:

  • CHSP, NDIS and QCCS Transport
  • Medical Transport
  • Disability Transport
  • Employment Related Transport
  • Shared transport on a commercial basis

The software has been designed to connect with public transport schedules too.

This opens up the possibility of scheduling Community Flyer transport to conveniently coincide with the arrival and departure your closest bus or train.

Agencies can log onto our website to enjoy the convenience of our booking system.  This allows them to input their Bookings in advance and outwith business hours.