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Reconciliation Action Plan

Terry O'Toole CEO

Message from the CEO

It gives me great pleasure to present TransitCare’s inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our Reflect Plan defines our commitment to join national efforts towards reconciliation, strengthening relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

At TransitCare, we believe that we have a responsibility to explore opportunities for cultural understanding, and initiate meaningful and respectful working relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and organisations.

For nearly 25 years we have supported those in the community who are transport disadvantaged, looking after the people with the greatest need to access community inclusion and participation. TransitCare has a number of successful associations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, yet we acknowledge that learnings must endure and we are grateful to be guided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices. This RAP will add depth to our relationships with these partners and assist us to embed greater cultural awareness across all levels of our business.

Our last all-staff meeting saw overwhelming support for the development of a RAP and our teams are committed to participating in these initiatives. We have a highly motivated and diverse workforce and we hope to become an employer of choice for Indigenous Australians and build on that diversity.

TransitCare is proud to be joining the ever-growing movement of people making a difference and we look forward to an exciting journey of Reconciliation.

Terry O’Toole
Chief Executive Officer


TransitCare has a centre of spiritual connection that will guide and establish the organisation to unite with each other, the environment and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. TransitCare will focus on being a major contributor to the Closing the Gap initiative which is enhancing health outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Connecting lines pave their way within circles of the communities, enabling TransitCare to expand across the universe embedding a system of mutual values, beliefs and practices, whilst establishing strong partnerships.

Charlie Waters artist

About the Artist: Charlie Waters

Charlie is from the Kamilaroi tribe, his totem is the emu. He grew up in St. George, South West Queensland. Charlie started drawing at an early age, sketching animals then moving onto landscapes in his early teens. Charlie achieved high grades for his art whilst at school. His passion was put on the shelf however, as his world moved into adulthood. Many years had passed before Charlie took up painting again but it was within a different medium – Photography and Digital Art. This new age of digital art has created amazing works for Charlie, combining traditional forms of the genre with contemporary digital effects.

Charlie also loves the bush which takes him to areas where didgeridoos and traditional artefacts are sourced. Making didgeridoos, artefacts and painting them gives Charlie the opportunity to keep his brush strokes up to date, combining traditional colours with new and exciting colours of our modern world.

Charlie has worked within the Aboriginal health and educational systems for many years. Charlie also ran his own consultancy & training business which later took him into the business environments of construction. Charlie has provided his services with mining companies, community organisations, child safety, Department of Communities, the cotton industry and employment service bodies.

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