Short and long term volunteering opportunities in community transport


Three team members performing tasks in uniform
Do you like having a chat?
Are you interested in helping your local community?
Would you like to meet new people, learn new skills?
There are a number of volunteering streams at Community Flyer…

Short term Volunteers:

  • University students participating in a partnership program completing either coursework or work experience
  • Adults seeking work experience to assist with employment prospects (either individuals or via workplace agency)
  • Adults seeking work experience to assist return to work from illness


Long term Volunteers:

Adults wanting to volunteer in a regular pattern eg retiree volunteering two days per week or a parent wanting to volunteer during school hours each day during term

Potential activities include, but are not limited to:

  • driving members to appointments or taking them shopping
  • visiting members at their homes
  • administration tasks
  • social tasks such as attending functions and outings, preparing refreshments and conversing with members.

Potential volunteers are required to meet the same legal, medical and qualification requirements as employees. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • attainment of a DA (Drivers Authority)
  • a valid open C class license
  • and a clear criminal history check.


Becoming a Volunteer

How do I become a volunteer? If you are interested in joining TransitCare Ltd as a volunteer, please send an email to or complete our contact form, or call us with any questions you have about volunteering on 1300 463 593.


Volunteer in the heart of your community with Australia’s leading edge community transport organisation