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Read what some of our clients have to say…

Kevin keeps us well entertained an exercised at the Fitness and Fun Tuesday sessions. We have a lot of fun and conversations with friends.  Jennifer and the volunteer staff look after our food and drinks which are always good and plentiful.  the afternoon session of Tai Chi is very beneficial. Everyone is very caring and helpful.

Meg Stoker

This is a wonderful program, it has helped me so much. Kevin does a good job and I meet lovely people of my age. My husband went into a nursing home and I was lost but this program has really been so good for me.

Patricia Hull

Very good program. Kevin is very supportive and does a lot of extra things to keep us interested. I find the exercises and mind games very stimulating and the company is enjoyable.

P Jenkins

I think this is a very good program and want it to continue. Kevin does a very good job and keeps thinking up a variety of activities which I enjoy.

P Gould

The programs are designed for our benefit and we all love them. The social support brings us all together in a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you.

Barb Stevens

I enjoy coming every week to the exercises, sing-songs and mind puzzles. I have improved my health since I started one year ago.

Lynette James

Kevin is very good. His program is good for exercising my mind. He puts in a lot of effort to do different things which help me to stay active. I am very pleased to be here each Tuesday. Kevin, the volunteers and staff all look after us very well.

Gloria Kochelak

I would like you to know that I had the best driver ever last week to take me to my medical appointment. I believe that Neil could show taxi drivers how it ought to be done!!

Bettina Filia

My leg is now OK after all that time and I feel that I must place on record my appreciation for the kindness and service given to me by your staff. The team in the Contact Centre were as usual so helpful to me and I would like to place on record my thanks. The despatch team, drivers and volunteers also helped me out so much. Would you be good enough to make sure that the people involved are given this message.
Keep up the good work I do appreciate the care, the team is very professional but also so kind.

Fleur Bennell

I would like to pass on some feedback that the Community Flyer has been a blessing for me in getting my husband to his rehabilitation. It’s such a wonderful resource and everyone I have had contact with is extremely helpful, courteous and polite. Please pass on my gratitude to your organisation it is really appreciated.
Kind regards,

Gwenda Smith

I just got a call from a client who wanted me to pass on her thanks to you.
She left her bag on the bus yesterday and the driver found it and then dropped it off to her home today. She is very happy.
It is this personal service that really sets you apart as a quality operation.

– Shane Dillon, Program Manager – YFS Disability Services.

Dear Paul,

11 Army Cadet Unit Logan would like to thank you for supplying our cadet unit with a coaster for the activities that we have had to carry out since the end of last year & especially on our most important day this year being of ANZAC Day 2015.
The coaster was invaluable to us on all occasions & especially for ANZAC Day as it was at such short notice requesting the vehicle, as a major band had let down the Logan RSL by cancelling at the last moment for the march, as it meant that we were able to transport cadets between services with ease.
This assisted in allowing ANZAC Day to run smoothly for which we greatly appreciate the generous loan of the vehicle.
We now have Deb Engler coming back on board with the unit as a Volunteer, Due to this we will be mainly having Deb to do the driving where possible if we require the bus in the future.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with yourself & Transit-care in the future and thank you sincerely for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

– Douglas B Manny.

My son is loving the Community Flyer transport with his friends. Such a great service.

– Happy Client #1

Thank you for helping us with transport. Paul, our driver, is a very lovely and caring person. He does such a wonderful job and is also happy and understanding. He always takes the time to talk directly to [my daughter] which makes her feel very special.

– Happy Client #2

Transport with TransitCare is working well. The drivers are great and [my son] loves going on the bus.

– Happy Client #3

Thank you so much for supplying such a valued service. You have not only made my Mum’s daily travel to visit my Dad effortless, you have also given us peace of mind that Mum is safe and well looked after. We cannot thank you enough.

– Happy Client #4

There is nothing that I could add to your service as I find it 100% perfect. I am always treated with respect by your drivers and office staff.

– Happy Client #5

I think TransitCare are doing an excellent service and providing a service to people such as us and many other elderly people with ‘ageing problems’ a chance to make our lives a bit easier to cope with. Thanks you very much. With the help of TransitCare services we are at least able to have an outing to the RSL occasionally.

– Happy Client #6

I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by TransitCare and am most grateful for the help that I get. This enables me to go to Bridge twice a week. Congratulations on a service well done.

– Happy Client #7

Without this service I believe my health would suffer dramatically as I could not afford all the expenses related to hospital out-patient departments, therefore I would be more likely to be admitted to the hospital more frequently.

– Happy Client #8

At this point of my life at 90 years of age, it is of vital importance to maintain the present quality of life. Transportation of course is one of the most important issues and its availability is most appreciated. Thank you for your great service.

– Happy Client #9

The service which TransitCare provides is a blessing because without your service I would not be able to get to the venues I like to attend to meet my friends or visit my doctor.

– Happy Client #10

I now have Shop Assist as well as TransitCare transport to and from medical appointments and it is making my life so much easier. Thank you all.

– Happy Client #11

Your service helps me to be more independent at a more reasonable cost as taxi’s are expensive and I am unable to find my own way around on public transport.

– Happy Client #12

My goal is to maintain my personal independence for as long as possible. the services provided by TransitCare enable me to do this very effectively. I hope this will continue for a very long time.

– Happy Client #13

I have been using the Community Flyer for some time now and find it meets my needs. They take me to my tapestry group once a month and I am very Thankful, as it is my only outing. Your service enables me to stay in my home. I would never go out without your service.

– Happy Client #14

I am very happy with the service provided. The staff are always very polite and look after me well. What more could you ask? They are very special people.

– Happy Client #15

I am completely happy with the way TransitCare is run. I myself have no complaints and can only thank the staff on all levels for the care and attention that I receive.

– Happy Client #16