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TransitCare TV in Vehicle

Our latest exciting innovation is the addition of a 19″ hi-def. digital screen to our buses and a 9″ digital headrest screen in our cars. These LCD screens will give our business partners and preferred suppliers a unique opportunity to connect with passengers as they travel in style each day.

The screens will provide valuable information and entertainment to passengers using proven strategies from an organization with over 13 years’ experience in public transport based digital signage. Regular passenger satisfaction surveys will ensure that our social communications and advertising messages are always relevant, subtle, and well received. This will ensure that passengers keep engaging with the screens each time they travel with us.


The TransitCare TV network has advertising opportunities for other service providers to showcase their services to a captive audience. The content will be appropriate and will provide information and inspiration at a time when the viewer is captive, attentive, and open to new ideas. We ask passengers what they want to see on the screens, then we create and display this content so that these passengers, your potential customers, remain focused on the screens.

Service providers and strategic partners can secure one or many advertising slots depending on desired monthly budget allocation for advertising across our fleet of vehicles. Advertisements are 15 or 30 seconds in duration and are shown once every 30 minutes in all vehicles, every day they are in service.

The playlist will not exceed 30 minutes in duration, and no more than 50% of the playlist will be available for advertising. The total number of advertising slots will be 30 x 30 second slots.

Passenger trips per day: 800Passenger trips per year: 180,000
Regular passengers: 8,000Average travel time: 20 minutes


$100 per month per 15 sec advertising slot
$200 per month per 30 sec advertising slot

Contracts are 12 months duration

Create poster advert$150
Additional versions$50
Create animated advert$300
Additional versions$100
Subtitle & convert TVC $200
Convert TVC$100

If you would like to secure one or a number of advertising slots please call Deb Campbell on 0457 716 613 or email