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Townsville History

Community Flyer vehicles in Townsville

Townsville and Thuringowa Transport Solutions rebranded to Community Flyer late 2013.

TOTTS INC (Townsville and Thuringowa Transport Solutions) traded under the business names of NQ Community Transport and NQ Community Connect. The organisation was incorporated as of June 17, 2005 after a transport need for the elderly and socially isolated was identified.

The organisation was not just about transport, they offered other social services for the members to enhance their wellbeing. For example; a drop-in centre, BBQ’s and tours. The goal was to get socially isolated persons out from behind four walls and bring them back into the community.

TOTTS INC began with a single vehicle operation and has evolved into a much larger organisation with its own diverse fleet. While many of our day to day activities involve transporting our members from point A to point B, we’re always evolving and taking on bigger challenges.

Community Flyer vehicles in Townsville

Our transport depot which is located in Everett Street Townsville was graciously donated and built by local businessman and philanthropist B.M Webb. The excellent service record, devoted staff and admirable charter won him over and Mr. Webb pledged he would provide TOTTS INC with a block of land and fully finance the construction of a transport depot.