Visit Norfolk Island and see the top 45 attraction and best places to visit.  Norfolk Island is one of the most remote islands in Australia and lies in the South Pacific Ocean know for jagged cliffs and pine trees. The capital for this Australian South Pacific Territory of Norfolk Island is Kingston. Popular tourist attractions on Norfolk Island include Emily Bay, Norfolk Island National Park and the Botanic Gardens are also very popular for tourists. Other recommended things to do are to visit Norfolk Island Cemetery, Kingston Pier, Captains Cook Monument for its beautiful scenery, Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area, Mount Pitt, Norfolk Island Museum, Anson Bay, Puppy’s Point, Pitcairn Settlers Village, Hundred Acres Reserve, Island Markets in Burnt Pine, Salt House, Bloody Bridge, Crystal Pool, Phillip Island in south of Norfolk Island, Queen Victoria’s Garden, Bounty Folk Museum, Cockpit Waterfall, Crankmill, Ball Bay, and many others included in this video.