If you’re self-isolating, here’s a list of things you can do to stay entertained at home. Bunkering down won’t seem so overwhelming with this big list of things to do!

1.Finish that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch

2. Work through the top 100 movies of all time

3. Marie Kondo your house

4. Try an at-home workout

5. Start a veggie patch or a herb garden

6. Play a game

7. Host a virtual party

8. Listen to a podcast

9. Get crafty!

10. Start baking

11. Plan you next holiday

12. Write a letter to your friends

13. Learn a new language

14. Make a care package for your friends and family

15. Do a face mask

16. Clean out your wardrobe

17. Paint by numbers

18. Do a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

19. Enrol in a MOOC (massive open online course)

20. Join a YouTube tutorial

21. Dance like no one is watching (because they aren’t!)

22.Check out the art at the National Portrait Gallery

23. Explore the current collections at Museums Victoria

24. Pursue the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria’s online museum

25. Go to the Paris Louvre

26. Wander through the Victoria and Albert Museum

27. Put your thoughts on paper – start writing a book or refine your writing skills

28.Binge watch Ted Talks

29. Download a fitness app or work out with YouTube

30. Do happy hour from home using Zoom

The following websites have links to many other activities, online purchases and things to do.